BlazingLove - LGBTQIA+ Platform Nominated for UX Design Awards in Berlin, Germany

Happy Three Creation
12 January 2024
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Exciting news from our startup, BlazingLove - the LGBTQIA+ Platform! Our parent company, Independent Muffin, has invested in BlazingLove, and we're thrilled to announce that it has been nominated for the prestigious UX Design Awards in Berlin, Germany.

The UX Design Awards represent the pinnacle of recognition for outstanding user experiences. Established in 2015, these awards highlight products and services that not only excel in usability but also make a meaningful impact on people's lives. By honoring designs that drive positive change and address real-world needs, the UX Design Awards celebrate innovation and excellence in the field of user experience.

At Happy Three Creation, we are the driving force behind the development of BlazingLove. Scheduled for launch later this year in 2024, we're working tirelessly to create an exceptional platform that will redefine the user experience for the LGBTQIA+ community. Stay tuned for updates as we get closer to the launch date!

This recognition at the UX Design Awards is a testament to our commitment to delivering meaningful and impactful solutions that enhance the lives of our users. We can't wait to share BlazingLove with the world!

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